Servants of Mary


Prayers, Works, Sacrifices for the glory of God and the salvation of souls!

The Servant of Mary accepts this as her motto on the day she makes her promises as a member of the Sodality. Everything she does after that, whether it be studying her spelling words, attending Servants of Mary meetings, or praying the rosary, is united to the prayers and sacrifices of all the other Servants and offered to God through our Lady. 

   An important part of her apostolate consists in attending the monthly meetings. Making crafts for the annual Christmas bazaar, hosting a brunch for the parish, making cards for the sick, you name it, they've done it! But of course it isn't all work and no play. Annual field trips, sledding, and kite-flying are only a few of the activities they have enjoyed. But everything, of course, work and play, is done joyfully for Christ through our Lady!  

For additional information or to join the Sodality, please contact Caroline Bafundo at